detail of expensive crown molding and dental molding

Here are seven affordable home improvement projects that’ll help you enjoy your home more today and provide excellent financial return in the future.

#1 Add the Finishing Touch of Molding

  • Crown molding makes rooms seem both bigger taller. It’s an elegant addition to any home.
  • Plus, wood moldings come in hundreds of options — from simple to ornate — that you can stain, paint, or leave natural.
  • You can also find moldings in flexible materials, such as foam, that make installation a whole lot easier. Some moldings even include lighting that casts a soft, ambient glow.

#2 Hang Quality Ceiling Fans

If your ceiling fans are old and outdated, new ones (coupled with a fresh paint job and crown molding) could give your rooms a refreshing update while saving money.

Some tips about ceiling fans:

  • Hang 7 to 8 feet above the floor.
  • If you’ve got a low ceiling, buy a hugger ceiling fan that’s flush-mounted.affordable home upgrades you can make
  • Go for the biggest Energy Star-rated fan that will fit the space.
  • Choose quality. You’ll get better cooling results, less noise, and good looks at a digestible price point.

#3 Plant Some Trees

  • Trees are moneymakers that get better with age. In urban areas, money really does grow on trees. A recent study of home sales by the Pacific Northwest Research Station of Portland showed that street trees growing in front of or near a house boosted its sale price by an average of $8,870 and shaved two days off its time on the market.
  • Trees also:
    • Save $100 to $250 annually in energy costs
    • Lower stress
    • Prevent erosion from downpours and roof runoff
    • Protect your home from wind, rain, and sun

#4 Install a Deck or Patio

  • Keep it simple and functional to see a return on investment. A professionally installed deck costs about $10,000 to install, but if you DIY it, you’ll save more than half that while adding to your equity.
  • Don’t skimp on deck lighting. It can make all the difference in functionality and beautification.

#5 Upgrade Your Insulation

  • It’s not as sexy as a kitchen remodel, but it doesn’t cost as much either.
  • Plus, you’ll save all year long on your utility bills. Win-win.

#6 Add Some Creative Storage

  • Adding storage is a no-brainer, but it does take a little brainpower to find your home’s hidden storage.Here are a few ways to think outside of the toy box:
  • Open drywall to create storage cubbies between your wall’s studs.
  • Install platform storage that hangs from your garage ceiling.
  • Even stairs can give you more storage.

#7 Install Landscape Lighting

  • Exterior lighting makes your home shine in the evening, accents features you like most about your house, and helps keep burglars away. Installing motion-detecting lights can even lower some homeowners’ insurance premiums.
  • Place accent lights under your favorite trees to show off your landscaping’s top earners.
  • Put them on a timer so you don’t waste energy running them during the day.
  • Choose a warm, white light. It’ll make your home look and feel welcoming.

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