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RENOVATION, RECYCLE AND TAX DEDUCTIONS: Most people are unaware of the opportunity to recycle luxury kitchens, baths, fixtures, and furniture. As a Certified Appraisal Examiner, I work with a non-profit organization to collect the information of all donated items. This keeps items out of landfills, creates jobs, and provides homeowners with the benefit of a tax deduction through their donation to the non-profit organization.

The list of luxury items that can be recycled are:

  •     Appliances
  •     Counter Tops
  •     Cupboards
  •     Fixtures
  •     Appliances
  •     Sinks
  •     Light Fixtures
  •     Furniture
  •     Artwork and Decorative Items
  •     Doors and Windows

When remodeling, renovating, settling an estate, or buying a house that you will make “your own,” consider the benefits of donating your items.

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