Paper Management Services Provided by Uniquely Yours Digital Solutions

File FoldersHow’s your filing system? Frustrating? Do you find that it’s too hard to remember where things go? Do you ever have trouble finding a specific document again once you’ve stashed it away? You may even have three or four files that contain the same information but are labeled differently – what a mess!

A household filing system is a place to store papers against the time we’ll need them again. Set up properly, a household filing system will allow users to find documents easily, and maintain and retrieve important papers in the future.

To create a truly effective filing system, you need to start with a plan. Simply slapping a label on a folder won’t cut it. Don’t worry though; setting up a filing system that can accommodate any type of paper – home or office is not difficult.


  • Teach you how to set up and maintain an effective filing system
  • Work with you to customize to your specific needs
  • Create an organized plan for you
  • Understand and manage the “I want to keep everything” syndrome
  • Scan key documents as backup (if desired)
  • Create a follow up plan to keep you on track

I created an effective filing system because I am BUSY managing my household records and running a business.   I need to be able to find documents quickly as well as have other family members understand the process and know where to go for things.

I’m here to help you make peace with your papers, so you can enjoy all the best life has to offer.