Is Your Home Inventory Up-to-Date

HOME INVENTORY TESTIMONIAL: “We all think we’ll never lose our home. I lost my home to a fire and didn’t have any kind of inventory. I had to rely on my brain, which given the circumstances wasn’t operating too efficiently.

I knew that an inventory was going to be put in place when the house and contents were replaced. I never want to go through the agony the insurer put me through again because I didn’t have a list and pictures of what I owned.

Tricia was the perfect solution. She is personable, which makes it easy to work with her. She’s detailed and thorough – I was amazed at her persistence! She prices fairly.

Now I have the inventory. It’s in the cloud, far away from any fire or other damage that might erupt at my home, and I have peace of mind.

I recommend Tricia highly.”

– Ora C., Concord, CA


When was the last time you updated your home inventory? Oh, wait! You don’t have one? Contact Tricia Hokewater now via phone at 925-206-0103 or by email to schedule a new inventory or an update to your existing inventory.

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