Walnut Creek CA fire

I imagine it gets old hearing how important it is to create and/or maintain your home inventory.  Yes, it is a tedious process but one you’ll never regret having.   You can’t afford NOT to do it.

We’re in high heat and fire conditions again.  The state’s biggest fires usually don’t strike until August or later.  This year California already is besieged with two major fires, and it’s the first week of July.

For those of you who are locals, just last Friday (June 29) there was a fire that burned at least 268 acres off Ygnacio Valley Road Friday night.  (I live about 20 minutes away).  Homes were evacuated and roads were shut down.  There was another two-alarm vegetation fire on Ygnacio Valley Road near Oak Grove Road in Walnut Creek on June 30.   Can you imagine seeing this from your home window?  Luckily, both fires were brought under control.

Not so lucky in the North Bay where the County and Pawnee fires have burned through a combined 59,000 acres northwest of Sacramento and aren’t done yet.

With fireworks just around the corner, it is important to stay vigilant in these hot and dry conditions.



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