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Paper Management systems

Organizing the “stuff” in our lives is a daily challenge.  Many of us procrastinate with filing bills, statements or documenting our legacy. Think about all of the records kept in your home perhaps in a file cabinet or box stored in your garage or closet: Financial statements, insurance policies, warranties, estate paperwork and more.

Who keeps track of all the information that relates to your family, health, financial life and personal relationships?

How are you organized?

  • In a folder?
  • In a life-cabinet?
  • In a notebook?
  • In your head?
  • Stay on top of maintenance and warranty information, repairs, renovations and maintenance agreements.

Everyday, rafts of paper flood into our homes. Creating an efficient, simple filing system will help you take control of paper clutter once and for all.

Photo Management systems

Do you have albums or boxes of family, trips or event photos that are in danger of destruction from the elements and passage of time? Your photos are irreplaceable

Archive your documents and precious photos for protection and sharing.