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Mother and Daughter Reviewing Digital LegacyNo one knows what awaits him or her in everyday life — the unexpected is always just around the corner. Staying organized helps manage stress and anxiety. You’ve protected yourself with insurance, investments and more – now, can you easily locate the paperwork should an emergency arise? In most relationships, one partner handles all the details such as bill pay, filing and managing assets. What if something happens to that person and they are unable to fill that role? Do you know where to locate passwords, documents and even a complete list of shared assets? Knowing where to find your stuff when you need it is a huge stress reliever.

Do you have an aging parent that has a failing memory or has become unable to care for themselves? Important documents and accounts can be lost. Digital Legacy is your one-stop resource that will provide calm in times of stress and difficulty.

“How will we manage the bills while Dad is in assisted living?”

“Where does Mom keep her will?”

“Has anybody found the key to the safe deposit box?”

“Does anyone know the code to opening the garage door? We can’t sell the house without it.”

Without organized files and information, the overall process can be overwhelming and a financial disaster.

What is a Digital Legacy?

A Digital Legacy is your virtual, secure, safe deposit box. It contains your key information, wishes and life documents in a centralized online portal.

This is your tool for managing all of your life documents and leaving your legacy organized for your heirs.

In most relationships, one partner handles all the details such as bill pay, filing and managing assets. What if something happens to that person and they are unable to fill that role? Do you know where to locate passwords, documents, and shared assets?

Don’t wait…create your digital legacy now.

Why create a Digital Legacy?

In the event of an accident, unexpected medical situation or family death, there can be confusion, anxiety and a need for instant answers on family affairs that have been controlled by someone else up to this point. Who to call, what to do and where to find paperwork is a continuous struggle for families when these situations arise and a Digital Legacy is your solution.

When the unexpected occurs, the health and safety of your loved ones takes the highest priority. Be sure you can access family medical records, personal information, and contact numbers. Don’t get stuck looking for missing files containing birth certificates, social security information, and insurance numbers.

It’s Your Life History. Documenting your affairs will lift a huge burden from the ones you love.

It’s not as difficult as you think. It’s nothing more than taking an inventory of your life. Digital Legacy is your solution that you can share with those close to you, as well as your investment professional, attorney, accountant, and your executor.

Benefits of a Digital Legacy

  • At the click of a mouse, you have a customized, easy solution that will help you and your family manage personal data.
  • Eliminate time and worry locating important information.
  • Prepare caretakers for an emergency with important contact information and personal family data.
  • Store immediate as well as extended family member’s personal information.
  • Upload and store images of key documents, i.e. Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Will, Trust, etc. to reduce time finalizing estate paperwork and related costs with easy retrieval when you need them.
  • Designate contacts & meeting locations

Peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are protected. This may be one of the easiest, but most important gifts you can give yourself and your family.

Don’t wait any longer. Take the time to sit down with the people you love and discuss these important matters – then get on to the other important matters in life.

Susan’s Story

If you suddenly had to take over for a loved one, would you even know whom to contact to get the documents you need?

Susan shared with me her story about her father:  He began to have a steady decline in his mental health and sadly, it was not apparent until it was too late.  As Susan took over care for her father, she was quickly overwhelmed with the magnitude of work.  She did not know her father’s financial picture, where he banked, account numbers, investments, what type of insurance he owned or did not own, the contact information for his healthcare provider, clergy contact and more.

Susan had to take a leave of absence from her job to shift through the stacks of paper she could find and search for key documents she needed to manage her father’s care.  It took months and required forwarding of his mail to determine much of the information.

Susan has now taken steps to organize her personal legacy for her family by creating a Digital Legacy.  Should something unexpected occur in her life, she has peace of mind knowing her loved ones have an organized resource to easily manage what needs to be done.