Cataloging/Collections Services Provided by Uniquely Yours Digital Solutions

a large collection of various, colorful toy Christmas soldiers and Nutcrackers stand togetherWhether it is fine wines, vintage movie posters or abstract paintings, some people spend a great deal of time and money compiling collections of valuables. Even if they’re collecting out of personal passion, rather than as an investment, it makes sense to keep tabs on how much the collection is worth.

“You need to know what you own, and to know the value of what you own,” and you may need to consider carrying additional insurance on your collection. Let’s say your collection of Hummel figurines sits on a bookshelf that collapses, and the little porcelain figures shatter. Your home insurance covers perils such as fire, wind and lightning — but not a crashing bookshelf.


  • Inventory management, indexing and cataloging for insurance or conservatory purposes.
  • Photography of each item from various angles
  • Complete documentation details about each pieces
  • Valuations assigned with input from the owner and/or appraisals/receipts.
  • Detailed reports to track your inventory

Don’t let the time and money you’ve invested in your collections be lost. Our team will carefully photograph and document your prized possessions.

If a loss occurs, your insurer will need the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Policy number
  • Type and location of loss
  • Date of loss
  • Claim amount
  • Records— inventory sheets, pictures and videos, police reports, receipts, certificates of authenticity, etc.