Art Collection Inventory Project by Uniquely Yours Digital Solutions

project-3-art-inventoryA client in Lafayette, CA was referred to me after she had (3) (yes, three) floods in her home over a 3 month-period. She lived in a condo complex at the bottom of a hillside and a pipe broke in the complex.

Ironically, she had been planning to move and had boxed up all of her important documents and small treasures, which were stored in the garage. The flood completely destroyed everything in the garage and the lower level of the home. She wished she had known about my services long before this happened. The second and third floods were the result of the same issue– a very unusual situation, but she had moved all of her art to the upper floors. She was very nervous about another catastrophe before she could sell her property and hired me to document her extensive art collection and home assets. She requested I store her information for her on my cloud servers as a backup.