About Uniquely Yours Digital Solutions

Uniquely Yours Digital Solutions is a woman-owned services organization focused on customer preparedness for the unexpected.

Owned and operated by Tricia Hoekwater, PMP, CIS, we provide innovative Home Inventory, Digital Legacy, Paper Management, Cataloging/Collections, Document Scanning and Photo Scanning services to consumers and businesses.

We have lived first hand the trauma of a sudden loss from theft and family loss. We are passionate about minimizing stress for others and provide a detailed home inventory of your entire home contents including including documents, receipts, appraisals and your precious family photos.

We also help you document and organize in one central file your personal life inventory Digital Legacy to share with your family in the event of an unexpected life change – capturing your family contacts, medical, financial, legal, insurance also includes scanning critical life documents such as insurance policies, financial investments, medical information and more.

Uniquely Yours Digital Solutions is bonded, licensed and insured to protect your privacy. We are your one-stop resource for peace of mind. We strictly adhere to the NICA code of ethics for your protection and peace of mind. Tricia Hoekwater, PMP, CIS Founder & CEO Uniquely Yours Digital Solutions 925-206-0103 uniquelyyours@outlook.com