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Home Inventory
Uniquely Yours Digital Solutions catalogs your precious possessions and pictures with comprehensive home inventory services. Don’t get caught unprepared. We prepare you for the unexpected.
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Digital Legacy
We digitize and organize for you and your loved ones the key aspects of your life in an easily accessible and secure online document portal. Insufficient planning can cause you to waste precious time locating key documents and information. This may be one of the easiest, but most important gifts you can give yourself and your family.
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Digital Organizing
Archive and organize your documents and precious photos for protection and sharing. Save time, space and money by having everything at your fingertips.
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Book Tricia to Speak
Tricia is a Keynote Speaker providing educational resources to Seniors and their adult children in the areas of Home Inventory, Creating a Digital Legacy and Paper Management systems
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Tricia is a Certified Appraisal Examiner. Find out more about her Appraisal Services

Catastrophe can happen in an instant. You are worth more than you think!

You work hard to have a beautiful home and possessions. Picture your home in your mind. Now imagine that a disaster or fire destroyed everything in your home. All that you worked for is gone.

Be prepared: Fire, theft, or natural disaster – just one unexpected catastrophe – can take that away in just seconds. Once most belongings are gone or damaged, the insurance company or police will ask for detailed descriptions and often require pictures as proof of ownership.

Read about what happened to a close friend of mine.

Why a home inventory is so important:


Protect your home & contents

If you were to experience a catastrophic event today, would you be able to prove what you owned? Maximize your insurance claim reimbursement and reduce the emotional stress associated with a loss with certified proof of ownership.


Estate and Trust Planning
Establishes your net worth. Creates a permanent legacy for your family and heirs. Reduces burden on loved ones at a difficult time. Document your heirlooms and valuables and the stories behind them.


Pre-nuptials & divorce

Helps prove value of each person’s assets before the households are combined. Also gives adult children a sense of security with regard to their inheritance. Helps provides a proper split of assets during a divorce.


Downsizing or relocation

Take inventory while you pack. Document your belongings as you settle in your new residence. An inventory is also a typical requirement in international moves.

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About Us

Tricia Hoekwater, CIS, PMP

Certified Home Inventory Specialist, Digital Organizer, Archivist

Tricia is the driving force behind Uniquely Yours Digital Solutions, specializing in customized services for individuals, small businesses and corporations. She is a Certified Inventory Specialist (CIS) with the National Inventory Certification Association, holds an honors certificate in Project Management from the University of California – Berkeley, and Project Management Professional (PMP) designation from the Project Management Institute since 2008.

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  • “Tricia is excellent in all aspects of her work……it was a very tough assignment and took many hours of her time to categorize and chronicle the hundreds of items…..she did an excellent job and we would recommend her at a moment’s notice.” – Patrick C.
  • “Tricia has been helping me work through digitizing my family photos and memorabilia. I couldn’t be happier with the work she has done. She has done a great job with the scanning and has been a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her and will continue to use her services as my project continues.” – Rosemary L.
  • “I called Tricia to inventory my artwork. I live in a condo with 26 stairs to the living level. My art was almost floor to ceiling in some places and definitely all up and down the stairs (both sides) and the lighting wasn’t the greatest; so there was a challenge on top of almost 100 pieces to photograph.

    If there were problems, Tricia never let on. She forged ahead with a smile the entire time. The stairs and the dark halls were a bit dubious as to the turn out but Tricia prevailed and the pictures were good to excellent.

    I am more than pleased with the final results. The binder will be what I will use the most but there is also a CD and a DVD. An excellent value for the products and work Tricia had to do to achieve what I received.” – Nancy C.

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